Currently, one of the relatively new and rapidly developing areas of the firm "Sport wave" is the design, installation and customer service of special refrigeration system for sports and entertainment, such as refrigeration for ice rinks arenas with artificial ice. (Both stationary and mobile).

Large amount of information on the subject, exclusive rights to sell the equipment and accessories (including machines and other machinery for cleaning ice, protection board, etc.), as well as experience in installation of this equipment allow us to offer customers a full set of the necessary elements for the installation, launch and subsequent operation of almost any object with artificial ice: stationary and mobile, the seasonal and the year round, compact and wide scale.

Thus, the company "Sport wave" is ready to prepare in accordance with the customer's specifications and implement projecting supply of refrigeration equipment for the production of high-quality artificial ice ice rink, as well as, if necessary, to carry out installation, supervisor - installation and commissioning of equipment and refrigeration system.